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KAL – CO, Tecnología per la Industria, S.L.  We fine tune the management of our clients assigning a key account manager, whose mission is to fulfil the client’s
orders, coordinate the supplier’s deliveries and to inform the client of the delivery state.

As such, clients can Access our system to complete orders, visualizing in all moment the status, making possible instant order/delivery modifications.  Also to maintain the requirements, a monthly report is generated of all transactions. 

How we benefit our clients.

KAL – CO, Tecnologia per la Industria, S.L. we offer to our clients our own management methodology “B&Q system” for all industrial supply and spare parts operations, this also includes auxiliary supply goods. The latter’s mission is to analyse stock levels, supplier lead times, offers and order management, supplier coordination and delivery status.

A few additional advantages that we offer are:

  • Reduction or total prevention of chain line shutdown.
  • Maintenance of stock levels, avoiding excesses.
  • Reduction of obsolete products in stock.
  • Cost reduction of goods and consumables.
  • Reduced delivery times.

The added value that we offer to our clients.

KAL – CO, Tecnologia per la Industria, S.L. the added value that we offer to our clients regarding industrial supply, spare parts and auxiliary goods, is that we control the stocks, both those of the clients as of the suppliers offering an order proposal service.

Our goal is not to replace client’s functions, if not to help and guide the management of supplies, reducing stock levels and eliminating emergencies, thus preventing stock ruptures

Our collaboration starts with qualitative and quantitative guidelines with our clients, this also includes the implement of performance indicators that allow our clients obtain all results of our management.